In April 2002, a few months after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan Libre together with the magazine ELLE has launched the first feminine magazine under the name ROZ meaning “The Day” in Dari.

ROZ became one of the rare occasions for Afghan women to inform themselves, to discover new topics, to share their opinions with their mothers, sisters and friends. The magazine also includes articles in English that are of interest to our partners on the ground and abroad as well as to different actors working in Afghanistan.

Today, each month it is being read by thousands of women and girls in Kabul, Panjshir valley and the Paghman district. It was and still is the most long-lived magazine destined for and designed by Afghan women themselves. In January 2011 it celebrated its 100th issue. This celebration was made possible thanks to the generous support of our partners and private donors who in 2009 did not let the magazine disappear. The issue of ROZ is and will be a result of the zeal of our founder and President Chekeba Hachemi, the motivation of the edition team on the ground as well as generosity and contributions of individual and public donors.

Our goals:

  • To promote the freedom of press in Afghanistan, to contribute to diversity and accessibility of written press in Afghanistan, especially in its rural areas
  • To provide liable and qualitative information and analysis on events and processes taking place in Afghanistan and in the world
  • To raise gender questions
  • To discuss women’s place in Afghan society
  • To entertain Afghan women by including the topics of cuisine and physical education
  • To advice women on childcare, marital relationship issues, hygiene and other issues

The team

The ROZ team consists of an editor and a designer, five journalists and two communication and distribution officers.  A number of freelancers contribute to the editions. Initially the team was trained by the journalists of the magazine ELLE and since then invested themselves in competence development and quality improvement.

Extension of areas of distribution is our current task in order to make ROZ even more accessible to afghan women, including the ones having low education. Other challenges persist, such as improving the journalism skills and finding sustainable funding. Until now our main distribution channel were girls’ schools and health education centers for women. Recently we started extending our readership to other local and international NGOs and their beneficiaries.

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