Girls’ education


The Education Pole is now divided into projects that form an integrated pathway from early childhood to university. The overall objective is to promote quality education for Afghan girls through early childhood education and the training of students and teachers. Our comprehensive and integrated educational approach ensures long-term follow-up of beneficiaries and promotes socio-professional integration. Our expertise in the Afghan context allows us to optimize the educational paths of young girls from preschool to university, and to fight against the high dropout rate linked to conservative traditions, particularly early and forced marriages. We create the necessary conditions for girls’ learning by securing learning spaces, training female teachers and providing them with access to professionalizing digital training.





A complete school program from  preschool to the end of high school, including the basics of professionalization, and beyond that, adult women’s training is offered to our beneficiaries. Promoting gender equality, democratizing access to education, combating discrimination against Afghan girls and women and ensuring their empowerment are all central dimensions of our actions.