1 light 1 Tazkira

1 light 1 tazkira



Girls’ education now seems to be generally accepted up to secondary school, but continuing in high school and beyond often remains the prerogative of the most privileged families.

From high school onwards, the Tazkira, the official Afghan identity card, is required for school enrollment. It is essential for taking national examinations, in particular the Kankor (high school certificate). 

However, only 20% of Afghan women own their Tazkira. The vast majority of girls have no legal identity: they cannot continue their studies and often become victims of forced and early marriages, which affect respectively 70% and 40% of Afghan women. 


In partnership with La Voix de l’enfant and the ENGIE Foundation, we are setting up an awareness and assistance program to obtain identity documents.

We recruit social workers who go to villages to make parents aware of the importance of taking the administrative steps to ensure that their children have a civil identity. The social workers then go to the selected schools with a photographer and in the presence of the local authorities to take the necessary information for the establishment of the Tazkira. We favour little girls as beneficiaries of the Tazkira component of the programme. 

The solar lamps are distributed to older female students so that they can light up on their way to school and do their homework in the evening. 

In 2018, 1500 children received their Tazkira and 1500 girls aged 12 to 18 received a solar lamp. 


Enable girls to have a legal identity that guarantees access to their rights as well as improve homework conditions at home in the evening and safety on the way to school.


Since 2016

students have acquired their identity documents and received solar lamps

In 2019

students will get their Tazkira and receive solar lamps



Located in Keraman Village of Dara District, Panjshir Province


 Located In Hanaba Village of Hanaba District, Panjshir Province

Naswan Paghman

 Located in Dara Zargaran village of Paghman District, Kabul Province


Khoja Lakan

Located in Khwaja Lakan village of Paghman District, Kabul Province

Abdullah Bin Omar

Located in Parachi Village of Paghman District, Kabul Province


QalaÏ Malik

Located in Qalaï Malik Village of Paghman District, Kabul Province 


Located in Pushta Badam Village of Paghman District, Kabul Province