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Dear friends of Afghanistan Libre and of Afghanistan,

We are devastated by the situation unfolding in Afghanistan and hold close to our hearts the millions of Afghan women and girls whose freedom is once again up for grabs. 

Many of you have shown us your support and asked us how you can help the women of Afghanistan. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your precious help in these trying and terrible times.

We would like to inform you that all donations go towards the creation of an emergency fund allowing us:

– to advance the salaries for the employees of Afghanistan Libre who can no longer work. This is critical as a food crisis is imminent in Kabul as prices dramatically inflate and food deliveries are interrupted ;  

– to continue paying the teachers in our schools which have been closed since August 11 due to security reasons ; 

– to start, as soon as the security situation allows it, to provide urgent assistance to the 500,000 displaced people in Kabul that fled the provinces affected by fighting. We are particularly concerned for the women and children amongst them who have been completely left behind. Our team visited a camp in the capital on August 13 and assessed the urgent humanitarian needs ; 

– to start responding to the vital needs of Afghan girls and women as much as we can and as soon as the situation allows it (banks are currently closed, which makes any intervention complicated) ;

We are currently fighting to ensure the safety of our team in Kabul. We hope more than anything that they can be evacuated to France as soon as possible.

In their interest, we are limiting our media appearances (column in Paris Match, Libération, ELLE).

Afghanistan Libre remains fully mobilized to defend the rights of Afghan girls and women.  

We will never abandon them and we are counting on you to stand behind us.



Chékéba Hachemi,
Founder and President
All the members of Afghanistan Libre, in Paris and Kabul


Afghanistan Libre was founded in 1996 by Chékéba Hachemi in reponse to the deterioration of women’s and girl’s rights under the Taliban regime, and exists to combat the inequitable conditions in Afghanistan that persist today. Through providing women and girls with the tools they need to claim their rights, to lead autonomous lives, and to be active participants in the sustainable reconstruction o their country, we believe that a peaceful vision of Afghanistan is possible. 


We seek to provide women and girls quality education, comprehensive psychosocial support, to improve their sexual and reproductive health rights awareness and access to essential services, and to empower their economic independence.

We are committed to the principles of neutrality, humanity, and impartiality. The heart of our approach is participation and sustainability — we recognize the importance of placing the community’s voice first. The legitimacy of Afghanistan Libre thus rests on our permanent and continual dialogue with local actors, and our strength lies in our long-standing territorial presence. We are awed by the resilience of Afghan women, and are committed to supporting not only their ongoing and tireless fight for fundamental rights, but to go beyond that, to break cycles of repression, and create an environment where they can thrive and prosper.

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